Arianny Celeste files a lawsuit against multiple New York Clubs

Arianny Celeste recently filed lawsuits against three clubs in New York for unauthorized endorsement. The clubs in question allegedly used Arianny Celeste’s and twenty-four other models’ photos without being authorized and claimed that each of the models are strippers.

FansShare the image sharing website stated the lawsuit was filed in New York in the Southern District. The said clubs are Diamond Club Gentleman’s Cabaret, Stiletto’s, and Lace Gentlemen’s Club, who were accused of negligence, defamation, unfair enrichment, ambiguous trade practices, and false endorsement.

The strip clubs illegally acquired these photos and altered them, turning them into suggestive pictures, so as to advertise their clubs. The images were made to make it look like the models worked at Sin City and Show Palace. Arianny Celeste is an easily recognized model and has had appearances on the covers of magazines which are famous around the globe, such as UFC Magazine, Playboy, and Maxim Magazine.

The other models who were part of the lawsuit are Rosie Jones, Jessa Hinton, Jennifer Walcott Archuleta, Clark Gilmer, Danielle Ruiz, Ursula Mayes, Cora Skinner, and Tiffany Toth just to name a few.

Jordan Carver stars as Alex Dotz in Muck Prequel

Jordan Carver stars as Alex Dotz in Muck Prequel

Glamour, lingerie, and swimsuit model Jordan Carver is now working with the cast and crew on the post-production of Muck: Feast of Saint Patrick. This movie is a prequel to the horror movie “Muck” which was released just last year.

Jordan Carver plays the role of Alex Dotz, a new addition to Muck’s cast last year, which originally includes Stephanie Danielson as Kylie and Kane Hodder as Grawesome Crutal, keeping their original roles.

Muck: The Feast of Saint Patrick has no release date yet, but as said, the movie is on post-production process. There’s a lot to expect in the coming days as to when post-production would finally be wrapped up.

Jordan Carver’s last role in a movie was as Gudrun in Who Killed Johnny in 2013. After three years of hiatus in the movie scene, a lot of people anticipate Jordan Carver’s role and performance in the new movie’s plot.

Simon Cowell plays it cool as David Walliams makes his feelings clear

David Walliams, 24, takes great pleasure winding up Britain’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell. His feelings about the pair’s close but a nonsexual relationship was made clear in the scene. These scenes will show on the Saturday night edition of the show.

The scenes show Simon Cowell and David Walliams enjoying a light hearted banter. With a cheeky look, David walks up to Simon and presents him with scrapbook( homemade) having images of the pair and tells him that he had made something for them which was some beautiful photos.

Alesha Dixon, in a nearby chair, was piqued by those words and her interest grew as she tried to watch with a smile on her face what was about to unfold.

The funnyman springs a surprise on Simon through a sneak-peek clip while the head stage was in backstage having makeup and his hair done. When presented with the album, the father of one suspiciously ask if David had put them together by himself. He opens the first page only to see a photo of them cosying up. Meanwhile, David burst into laughter holding an attractive black dog and asked if Simon thought it was a beautiful picture.

The next picture was a postcard image about British seaside showing a female lifeguard cartoon lifting a male to safety. The cartoon’s faces got replaced with that of the pair.Simon laughed continuously and said that he didn’t remember the photo after being questioned by David.

This scene is the latest comedy served up in the current series by David, which began with the comedian dressed up as Simon and turn up to a press launch. David even claimed that Simon’s happier persona was due to him and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman had a ” regular sex.”

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